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Stoneman Race Tech


Stoneman Race Tech Ltd Ltd is a partner company to Western Motor Group Ltd, both owned & operated by Jake Stoneman. SRT was established to cater solely for performance vehicles - both track & street driven. We prepare race vehicles prior to their meetings. We also specialise in carrying out driver training, trackside team management, maintenance & repairs. SRT has worked with the following people both this side of the Tasman & in Australia:

  • Matt Lockwood - NZ V8 Utes, V8 Challenge Cup
  • Chris Pither - TRS, NZ V8 Utes, Australian V8 Utes
  • Peter Ward - NZ V8 Utes, Australian V8 Utes, Central Muscle Cars, TA2
  • Andrew Waite - NZ V8 Utes, Australian V8 Utes
  • Matthew Spratt - NZ V8 Utes, Australian V8 Utes, Central Muscle Cars
  • Chris Hanley - NZ V8 Utes
  • Brett Rudd - NZ V8 Utes
  • Paul Manuell - NZ V8 Utes
  • Simon Ussher - NZ V8 Utes
  • Nigel Hanley - NZ V8 Utes
  • Andrew Booth - NZ V8 Utes
  • Jack Kofoed - NZ V8 Utes
  • Mike Lightfoot - NZ V8 Utes
  • Gary Baxter - Australian V8 Utes
  • Craig Dontas - Australian V8 Utes
  • Jesse Dixon - Australian V8 Utes

If you think we could help you in this amazing sport feel free to contact us. We're happy to discuss options which are available to you.

Jake Stoneman NZ V8 Ute Pukekohe Burnout Ward Demolition Holden
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